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  • Evgeniy

    Backend developer, Laravel Php

  • Ioana

    Web-designer, digital marketing

  • Vladislav

    Project Manager, designer

  • Yaroslav

    Сontent manager, project manager

  • Andrej

    CEO, team lead

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Safe deal

We do our best to make you confident and calm when ordering IT services from us, we work on legally safe conditions with maximum comfort for our clients.

  • Conclusion of a contract

    We work under a contract and an account (with individual entrepreneurs and legal entities), as well as in cash

  • Always in touch

    Support from 9 to 21 Mon-Fri, and in extreme cases, "after hours"

  • Phased payment

    The payment can be split into parts, for example, for each completed stage of work


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Write to us - we will discuss your project, you can also write us your question and we will quickly answer it

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Working with us, you will definitely not worry about such questions as:

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  • Will bugs of the project be corrected? And will I have to pay for it?

    We are responsible for the quality of our projects, but if something went wrong, then the error correction will be absolutely free for you and in the shortest possible time.

  • Can I figure it out in the admin panel myself?

    You can easily understand site management. You will have access to: any information about orders, the ability to add new pages and delete old ones, change the external design of the resource and edit content.

  • I have no Terms of Reference

    It's not a problem. We will help you determine the purpose of creating a site and provide a plan for its development.

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AIMIX & UkrConsulting

AIMIX company together with UkrConsulting company provides professional services for the development of web sites and web applications. AIMIX is a young web development team made up of specialists with ≥ 10 years of experience in IT. Over the years, UkrConsulting has established itself as a reliable, honest and obligatory partner and has been successfully providing high-quality information and consulting services for over 23 years. The commonwealth of the two companies provides a mixture of technology and analytics, passion and reliability.

Today we would like to present you a new type of IT services. Together with AIMIX, we are ready to provide services for the development of sites and web applications (business card sites, corporate sites, online stores, services, etc.); development of corporate identity (corporate identity), logos, advertising banners, business cards; promotion of sites in search engines SEO (Google, Yandex, etc.), creation and conduct of advertising campaigns on the Internet.

Nowadays, the Internet is no longer a dubious virtual space, a distant future that can still wait, be ignored or "postponed for later." Today, the Internet has become a part of everyone's life and, whether we like it or not, is increasingly gaining its influence in the minds and lives of people. The Internet has become the mouthpiece of public opinion, people come to it for advice, they listen to its opinion, they use it to solve daily business and everyday issues. The company employs people who were born in the era of the Internet and cannot imagine their life without it. If the old staff may still treat this space with distrust and not give it a huge role, then the young employees have already fully integrated the Internet into their lives.

In order to survive today (and not just "be on the wave" and "in trend") in the business world, it is extremely important that the company is presented on the Internet in a high-quality, modern and transparent manner. Gone are the days when in order to compete it was enough just to have at least some page on the Internet without paying attention to the quality of the resource, positioning, correct presentation of information, convenience for users, modernity, promotion, optimization. In the 90s - 00s practically no one had their own websites, and if your company had one, then you were “ahead of the rest”. Now the competition in the network has increased many times and continues to grow every day. A website on the Internet is no longer only an information resource, it is also a business assistant that can transform and improve the company's business processes beyond recognition.